The above picture illustrates what is included in 1 Wavy Hanger set

In compliance with new child protection laws

This item is not sold for use by children under the age of 12 years old

Wavy Hangers are made of single sided FRP sublimation material and are approximately 5" square (3.25" between hole centers). The sleek European design looks great in any setting.

There use is almost unlimited. Some possible uses include:

    • Family Photos
    • Perpetual Award Plaques
    • Animal Show Awards
    • Decorations
    • POP display for Stores
    • Event Leader boards
    • Elegant murals with a futuristic look
    • And much more

Once hung in place the panels can easily be changed out in a few seconds without tools.

They are great for children's photos. Start at the top with a baby photo then, then add more photos on down as the child grows up. And due to the design you can hang multiple wavy hangers next to each other and the edges will still match up.

Each Wavy Hanger set comes with 3 FRP Wavy Hangers (panels, 6 "S" Hooks & 1 ball chain hanger.

Each add on Wavy Hanger comes with 1 Wavy Hanger and 2 "S" Hooks.

Wavy Hangers are now shipping!!

Wavy Hanger set (3 panels) $10.99 ea.
Wavy Hanger add on $3.75 ea.

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