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This item is not sold for use by children under the age of 12 years old

Magic Marbles Puzzles are back in stock!!

What is a Magic Marbles Puzzle?

You simply place the triangle puzzle board on a flat surface and place the 6 marbles in the 6 holes.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Guess again!

The marbles have magnets inside and when you try to place them in the holes they push and pull on each other making it seemingly impossible, but if it were impossible then it would not be fun. It is possible and once you figure out how, while still requiring a little skill you can make it look simple while your friends struggle to figure it out.

Magic Marble Puzzles are a great new product compatible with sublimation printing.

The puzzle board is made from double sided gloss white FRP.

Included with each puzzle are the following

        • 1 Puzzle Board
        • 6 Colored Magnetic Marbles, pre bagged
        • 1 Ziplock Bag

    Product pictures

    How to sublimate

    In the column to the left you will find a link to templates for Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator. Simply add your artwork to the templates print and press for 2 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit with medium to medium-heavy pressure (note: time temp and pressure may vary depending on your ink, paper, press and other factors). It is important to keep the puzzle base flat when cooling and I suggest you place a heavy flat object on it while cooling. If the board does warp simply re press for a few seconds to warm it up and again place a flat weight on top. Books or non-sublimation tiles work well for this. If you experience ink transfer from the puzzle to the plastic bag you can place a piece of plain paper between them, this should not be an issue with most inks.


    The blank Magic Marbles Puzzle comes in the following:

          • Pack of 5 for $22.95
          • Pack of 25 for $99.75
          • Pack of 50 for $179.50
          • Single Sample Puzzle $5.95

    Pack of 5 $22.95
    Pack of 25 $99.75
    Pack of 50 $179.50
    Single sample pack $5.95