In compliance with new child protection laws

This item is not sold for use by children under the age of 12 years old

Top is 4" X 4" square. Game is about 3/4" thick

This is a take on the classic golf tee game but is made for sublimation printing.

The premise of the game is simple, jump one tee over another until you cannot make any more moves, then see how many tees are left. If you make it to only one tee left then you have mastered the game.

While the game is very simple to play, it is very difficult to get down to a single tee. Out a difficulty rating from 1 to 10 this game rates a 6.5

Here is a breakdown on scoring based on how many tees are left:

          • 5+ = You really need some practice
          • 4 = Average for a beginner
          • 3 = Not bad, but you can do better
          • 2 = Very good, your almost there
          • 1 = You Win.... Now can you do it again

How to sublimate

Your press must be able to handle an item of 3/4" thick to press

Your game Has a protective cover that must be removed before sublimating.

The holes in the template are only for approximation. These games are hand drilled so they may vary slightly from game to game.

To transfer place sublimation transfer face up on a table, place the game face down and center it on the print. Wrap the sides around and tape on back (like wrapping a present) while being careful not to move the game. Then place face up in press, cover with scrap paper or Teflon sheet. Press with medium pressure at 400 f for 2 minutes. Times and temps may vary depending on your inks and press. It is normal for tees to be slightly snug after pressing.


Single $8.95
Pack of 10 $85.00